Two new, irrelevant things:

26 05 2011

Me: Broaden your appeal so you can host the BET AWARDS. Lil Duval: White people do like me.

Awesome spam message which I did NOT let through. It was from some outfit purportedly selling cut-rate laptop batteries. Not sure what the BET awards, Trashboats, and cheap laptop batteries have to do with one another, but I liked the mental image of Missie Elliott rolling up to Korruption, all sequined pants and fur bolero jackets, and finding herself surrounded not by Cadillacs and press photographers, but by Kansas City dirtbags with home-made boats made of trash.

The other thing I have for you today is the following:

Wave Rats
They’re wave rats. Doing the Wave. Somehow, I feel that waverats are the spiritual animal of the Trashboat Regatta. Feel free to “catch some” for your own nefarious purposes…right-click, “save as.”



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5 06 2016

I was thinking if after work we could grab a cup of coffee

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