We are not, I repeat NOT going on the River

13 07 2011

The Regatta is still on for the 24th, fear not.

But natural phenomenona being what they are (unpredictable and uncontrollable) means that sometimes we have to make alternate arrangements.

I’ve found a GREAT alternative venue for the Regatta.  The nature of the event will change a bit…it’s not going to be a race so much as a contest, with various games and stunts to gain points.  There will be activities for the non-boating participants (i.e. spectators) as well.

We’ll still meet at Korruption at 11:00 a.m. on 7-24-2011.  I highly encourage all comers to pack a picnic lunch and bring some beverages of your choice.   Towing-and-rowing are hungry work.  I’ll bring some snacks, as well, and we should all have a real good time.

Any questions?  Ask away.



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15 07 2011
Corinna West

Maybe we could float down the Blue River or the Kansas River instead. Oh wait, those are flowing backwards. Maybe we could float down Flush Creek like the little rubber duckie race.

19 07 2011
Corinna West

So we meet at corruption and our destination is a surprise? I have all the crap now to build the boat but I just need assemblage. All my menfolk are busy so I have do actually do some work.

20 07 2011

Yes, that is the plan.

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