Tis’ the season for the plastic bottle kayak!

11 05 2014

Here are some beautiful simplistic designs for an easy beginners craft. These bad boys are light weight, easy to transport, and glide thru the water like nobodies business!

AdamPlasticBoat_1 bbda3e925e025ccd69cdc1ef4ce6a7da Boat-5-Plastic-Poison Federico-Blanc-Recycled-Plastic-Soda-Bottles-Kayak-1-537x358 IMG_3190 plastic-bottle-kayak-1200 rescue-boat SNA2343G--380_1149901a the_plastic_bottle_kayak_expedition_1251824274 zvt-peninsula paddle bottle canoe 06 june 2013



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7 11 2015
Michael dower

It took a year,2000 bottles roughly and over 100 wire coat hangers and my vessel is 3/4 complete .it looks like a boat and built to take an outboard motor.
Epoxy resin here in oz costs quite a bit of money and skilling to use it is something I have to learn. It is 13ft long 8ft across 3ft high from keel to deck, noted it is only 4ft across bow and stern. To be finished and launched this year I am amazed I have a boat I own outright probably cost me >$100 in duct tape. Even I thought during the build it was a crazy and stupid idea but no one had a spare $2000 to give me to buy a dinghy,well, now I have a boat coz I just wanted one..that’s all

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