Punk Rafting!

Shanty boat builder Bob Elderberry is a aristocrat of our time! This fearless adventurer has a has helped build many DIY rafts taking them on various expeditions on the waterways of Oregon and California. Bob and his scalawags are modern day Huck Finns and  get to experience the drifting American landscape in ways that many of us have long since forgotten. Check out these simply made tire inner tube floating rafts and there journey thru the West! Flickr- Punk Rafting

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Words from Bob Elderberry about the journey-

Another year in which we took a punk rafting trip on a major American river. We built rafts out of found and scavenged materials and floating for two weeks, Huck Finn-style, downriver. A few of us have done this for a few summers now, and the experience has been life changing. This year we floated the Willamette River from in June from Eugene to Newberg (within 50 miles of Portland).

We met in Eugene, built our rafts and launched as a punk raft flotilla. Many folks (about a third of the 25 people on the trip) hopped freight trains to get there. Of the seven rafts that launched, five made the entire trip, and two sunk. All people and dogs survived (though equipment was lost). This is was not white water rafting. We’re talking a river with at most class one and a half rapids. A mostly floating river, punctuated by moments of terror and adrenaline. A lazy hot summer day eating found apples sort of river. A trip that will remain low on specifics, high on general concept, mood, and emotion. Part of an experiment and a belief in the power of boredom to inspire.”

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