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July 14, 2014

Greetings and sailutations, trashbuddies. Dread Pirate Meetzorp here, thrilled to the gills with all of the awesome boats, boaters and spectators who made it out to the Regatta yesterday. Warms the cockles of my cockles to see so many people up for a cheap-n-muddy good time.

Rightio, so I will be coming back again-again later to do a massive photo post, but right now I want to answer the question I got asked the most times yesterday: “How can I help further this awesome event?”

I picked up a lot of offers of press, PR, promotion, sponsorship, etc., and I will tell you the biggest thing anyone can do to promote the Regatta is to participate. The Trashboat Regatta is a low-budget, low-tech, low-glitz, high-fun event. If we’re to keep it dirty, free, and punky, what we need is more boats and more pirates.

If you, yourself aren’t up to building a boat or sailing on a crew, surely you know somebody who is. Your whacky niece who furnished her entire apartment via dumpster-diving. Your dirtbag neighbor who built a smoker out of a wrecked Chevette for his annual deer-jerky extravaganza. Your old shop teacher who now hosts highschool robotics competitions. You know somebody who scavenges, who repurposes, who builds weird stuff for fun. Tell them about what we have going on. Encourage them to get their feet muddy and earn up some big, fat bragging rights.

The Trashboat Regatta is, in its very essence, a slightly-grungy niche hobby. Slick advertising campaigns aren’t likely to bring out too many more trash-rats, but gentle persuasion in the right places, will coax more of our kind out of their dumpsters and on to their rightful river-borne glory.

So, if you want to help the Kansas City Trashboat Regatta continue to be a free, slightly-chaotic, damp, artistic, vaguely-malodorous, and generally hoopy event, just spread the word, word-of-mouth. You know us, and you know more people like us. I think that together, we can maintain an organic evolution for our non-biodegradable event. Keep you eye on this site and on our Facebook group. All the goods that are good to go will be here and there.

Thanks again to everyone who came out to play on Saturday. If you hadn’t put so much work into building your boats and having a good time, there wouldn’t be any Trashboat Regatta.

Huge big love,


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7/12/14 Trashboat Regatta UPDATE – Regatta Information and a FRESH second event!

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