13 07 2017

Crossposting from the Trashboat Regatta event page:

It is with tremendous regret that I find myself obligated to pull the plug on what would have been the 8th annual Kansas City Trash Boat Regatta, but I have received notice from the KCKSFD that they are no longer willing to provide a safety escort. Given the nature of your boats and the varying degrees of navigation experience among participants, I cannot in good conscience hold this event sans rescue personnel. I am sorry to disappoint so many people, but the responsibility for your safety lies heavy on my shoulders.

As this would have been my final Regatta, I will later be deleting the Facebook group and event pages and shuttering the website.

So long, and thanks for all the fish. It’s been a fun run.

I hate that I have to post this, but apparently I do:

The event is cancelled because I cannot in good conscience run the Regatta without rescue service attendance.
While there is nothing stopping people from making their own boats and floating them in their own time, I ask that you DO NOT CONVENE AN UNOFFICIAL REGATTA. Especially not on the date previously scheduled.

I am out of this event. I no longer will take responsibility for planning, promoting, or organizing the event. I will not take responsibility for your safety or lack thereof.

I ask that should any of you host any future events of a similar nature, that you DO NOT re-use the “Kansas City Trashboat Regatta” name. I have copyrights on that name and the logo and do not want to continue association and/or liability (assumed, implied, or explicit). My name has been legally and traditionally associated with this event, name, and venture.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.



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