Boat Building


You need things that float and as long as it is watertight and not too heavy and doesn’t fall apart in use, it will magically become a aquatic vessel. If you need inspiration/additional instructions, check out the More Knowhow section of our illustrious blogroll.

buildingMaterials FloatMaterials


There are myriad means of acquiring materials, from saving your own trash indefinitely to “liberating” your neighbors’ recycling, to dumpster-diving, to being…less-scroungy and hitting up one of the following fine repositories of refuse:


Recycling centers in KC:

City recycling drop off centers! These folks collect more material then you could ever dream of having and it is all free! Styrofoam, plastic, wood, barrels, and metal.
North- 400 West Barry Rd   Central- 4707 Deramus Ave   South- 9051 Hillcrest Rd

Wonderscope in Johnson county has an incredible stock of different matierals. Call and set up an appointment of go on every 3rd Thursday a month to riffle through some great junk.


KU Recycling

UMKC Recycling

Kansas State Recycling center

Demolition Salvage

Bridging the Gap

KCMO Trash/Recycling collection days-

KCKS Trash/Recycling collection days:


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