Registration will remain open until 7-31-2017.

The Regatta returns for another rubbish-raft river float of soggy, boggy adventure on August 6, 2017. Following back-to-back with Singlespeed KC 2017, brace yourself for a weekend of lo-budget dirtball good times. What will happen, with any luck, is that a bunch of people will build trashboats, and we’ll put in at Kaw Point and get out at the next boat ramp (across from the Isle of Capri casino in KCMO) and then we will buckle some swash and party on down. There will be prizes for best engineering, worst engineering, themes, costumes, decorations, least money spent, most re-use/recycling/re-purposing, and a People’s Choice Award. Consider that both a promise and a threat! This year there will be a Youth Class, open to participants between the ages of 12 and 18. Youth participants must be accompanied by an adult sponsor. Teams comprising two (2) to six (2) participants plus an adult sponsor are allowed. Additionally, the Open Class (18+) will be broken down into two categories: individual and team. Teams may be as large as you like. Please note size of crew and/or additional passengers when you register. Non-builders who plan to attend as floating spectators using canoes, rowboats, paddleboards, etc. are asked to register as well, to help provide a head-count for the after party. Thank you so much for registering; it will be great to see you out there in August!