What will happen is that a bunch of people will build trashboats, and we’ll put in at Kaw Point and float gently down the stream to Glow In The Dark Park (the next boat ramp on the Missouri River, across the way from Isle of Capri Casino). There we will buckle some swash and party on down. There will be prizes for best engineering, worst engineering, themes, costumes, decorations, least money spent, most re-use/recycling/re-purposing, and a People’s Choice Award. Consider that both a promise and a threat.

If you have any questions as to what a Trashboat looks like, I suggest that you go and check out Chunk 666’s Aquachopper adventures for elucidation and inspiration. Chicago’s illustrious Rat Patrol’s trashboats were another inspiration for the upcoming festivities. Then, once your creative ions are crashing and thrashing, our own convenient how-to breaks down the practicalities such as buoyancy calculations and basic configuration.  In its “purest” essence, a trashboat is any floating vessel that is built out of recycled material and shaped into a boat.  Preferably it doesn’t sink or break apart under its own ill-considered engineering. Buckets, bottles, and barrels are the most common pontoons, though you can make a trashboat out of just about anything, so long as it floats. The Regatta strongly encourages bike infused boats that can be ridden or towed to the launch site. If your trashboat is a trailer, you need to consider how to secure your bike to it so that you can tow it. If your trash boat is far to big to be bike towed then get it to the launch point by any means possible! Just don’t miss out on this glorious mess of a good time.


Yo-Ho! Join in on the festivities!

The Trash Boat Regatta is an annual extremely amateur home-made boating party. If you have any questions this website can’t answer, feel free to message by email or facebook.

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